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 Community Action Agencies and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Survey

 Community Action Agencies across the state and others have partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Minneapolis Fed) as they seek to better understand how the labor market and the economy are affecting you and your decisions.

 The work of the Federal Reserve is centered around what is commonly known as the dual mandate: the pursuit of price stability, and maximum employment. Perhaps the most important role that each of the 12 regional banks play in the pursuit of these objectives, is the constant tracking of the regional economy. While your participation in this survey is voluntary, it is highly encouraged. Your input is important as the Fed makes decisions that affect us all.

 Please take 15 minutes to complete this survey at your convenience. https://www.research.net/r/D6HRDC_MT

 Or use this QR Code



To learn more about the Minneapolis Fed go to: www.minneapolisfed.org

 Thank you for your time and insight.

 NOTE: The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (the Bank) cares about your privacy. The information you share with us allows us to communicate and engage with you more effectively. To learn more, you can access our Privacy Notice. 

What does HRDC do?
District 6 HRDC is a community-based, 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization that partners with government, private entities and other nonprofit organizations to provide comprehensive services needed to help low-income individuals and families become self-sustaining and productive members of our community.

Who is eligible for assistance?
District 6 HRDC  provides assistance to individuals through numerous programs and resources. Each program is different and  has different qualifications and guidelines. If you're not sure what type of assistance you need or qualify for, where to start, or who to talk to, we can help. Call us at 1-800-766-3018 or 406-535-7488. Or email us.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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